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Pasquale G., Aristotle and the Principle of Non-Contradiction, Ed. Academia Verlag, Sankt Augustin (Germania) 2005.

The principle of non-contradiction (PNC) is both a law of being and a law of thought. Based on the text of Aristotle, the aim of this book is to open a new discussion around the possibility of knowing the PNC by way of intuitive understanding, by recog-nising its indemonstrability and unhypothetical character and through its fundamentally being the basis of all demonstrative sciences. Through analysis of contradictory terms and confuta-tional proof, it is possible to fi nd in Aristotle's Metaphysics, book IV the fundamental points by which the PNC emanates from being and protects the unity of thought from contradiction. The PNC emanates from being because it defi nes it, and protects the unity of thought because the non-contradictory nature of being is the content of one's thought. Therefore, to deny it, does not mean that reality itself is contradictory by nature, but merely shows lack of education on the part of the person who denies the principle. In fact, the PNC is the highest criterion of signifi cance in its ontological formulation.


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